termite inspections in Hamilton, OH

Paladin Property Inspections is licensed to inspect your property

Termites can quickly ruin an otherwise beautiful home. Can you spot the termite damage that may change your mind about buying a particular home? Don’t worry, the experts at Paladin Property Inspections can keep an eye out for you.

We’re licensed through the Ohio Department of Agriculture to perform termite inspections in the Hamilton, OH area. We can look for termites during your full home inspection or perform the service separately.

Our visual examination includes searching for any soft wood or moisture intrusion that may signal the presence of termites. We’ll use our thermal imaging camera to find any signs of moist wood. Reach out to us today for a thorough inspection you can trust.

We serve surrounding communities

Based in Hamilton, OH, the professionals at Paladin Property Inspections also serve communities in:

  • Butler County
  • Hamilton County
  • Warren County
  • Cincinnati

Call us today to get your termite inspection completed in no time.